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Looking for an "old school" buck to breed does this spring? (N140) is a 100% Fullblood boer yearling buck with the genetics for excellent meat production. He has bone, length, level top, a beautiful roman nose, and a killer pedigree! (N140) has not been on show feed; just pasture and grain. He will be registered upon purchase and new owner can name him.


(N140) is out of the 2 time National Grand Champion, BINGO. His dam was also shown and accumulated 22 points in her limited show career and his fullblood brother, GGTX TOMBOLA, has been shown a few times this past fall and already has 12 points.


DOB: 3/08/23

Teats: A5xA5

Scrotum: Good


$1,000.00 Regular Price
$900.00Sale Price
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