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Does and Doelings For sale

Our Pricing

We strive for excellence in all of our goats. All 100% Boers are sold with ABGA registration papers. There are many factors that can increase the price of a goat including color and pedigree. We also take into account the continued rising costs in feed, vaccinations, and other supplies. In the event that we have a goat that does not meet our standards and/or ABGA standards, we sell that goat as commercial. We love to support our 4-H and FFA students as much as possible. If you are a member of 4-H or FFA and need a show goat, please contact us so we can work with you to get you a show stopper!


  • Registered Yearling and Mature Does: $900

  • Registered Doelings: $750

  • Commercial Doelings: $500

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