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(N134) is a 100% Fullblood boer buckling that is weaned and ready to go (will be registered upon purchase). He is out of HILLTOP NITRO *ENNOBLED*  (10224256) and TWINS LILY (10790670). N134 was a triplet, but one of this brothers became a bottle baby. Both of his brothers have been sold, so we don't expect him to last long! He can be sold as a buckling or a wether, the choice is yours! He has excellent potential and we can't wait to see how he continues to develop. 


DOB: 3/05/23

Teats: 1x1

Scrotum: Good

Birth Weight: 7lbs 6oz

Weight on 6/4/23: 57 lbs 10 oz (Average daily gain of 9oz)


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